Watch The Cabin in the Woods Review

A few years we have been waiting for as the next film in which will participate Joss Whedon that next year will be world-famous for being the director of another much-awaited film as it is The Avengers. However, supposedly before her we reach the rooms Watch The Cabin in the Woods review, a tape that resumed so trite history within the horror genre of the isolated forest cabin where the protagonists go really wrong. This time Whedon will assume the roles of producer and co-writer.

And why is delaying both the tape? You only need to say that it is one of the films that are under the economic mantle of MGM, which in recent years has not been the best of times. However, despite the fact that they were unable to get production in the short term, at least until that they pay their debts, either they wanted to detach from a project in which executives had placed high hopes. Something will be.

The important thing now is that production is still underway, although apparently the tape long ago that she was shot, so begins the typical promotion run-up to the premiere. Why has appeared an interesting poster makes us ask ourselves seriously about whether there will be worth all this waiting. I personally love how to convey the idea that the tape will be a new twist to the stories about isolated cabins, and you can do way more graphic showing one of these cabins as if it were a Rubik's cube, with all their faces twisted inviting us to complete it. You should certainly watch The Cabin in the Woods after reading this review.

As for the rest of the names involved in the tape we have Drew Goddard, screenwriter of Cloverfield, making his debut in the direction. Also in the cast we will find quite household names as Chris Hemsworth or Richard Jenkins, even though originally MGM had money for distribution, apparently yes they wanted that the film had some quality and did have some names that would ensure a minimum profit at the box office.

Not is what proprietaries you but my already long that it drew attention to this film and now with this new poster I have finished convincing. It is possible that in the end only stay in one film of this type, but until that is it not release on April 13 in United States not we know for sure.

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