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A group of friends on vacation in an old cottage deep in the forest, arena the surface of something so horrible and big that just want to escape before it reaches them. But the topics just right here, if you think you already know this story, thinks again.

At the end comes the trailer of the expected slashes Watch The Cabin in the Woods online, the new project of the director/writer Drew Goddard (Monstruoso, lost) is promoted as a tape of horror that will put feet up the genre. With respect to the screenplay, assisted by Josh Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alien Resurrection, even Toy Story writer); Drew says revolutionize topics making use of them first - as evidenced by the central concept of the cabin which is going to stop a group of youngsters with revolutionized hormones-, then destroy them and manipulate them, bringing the viewer into the realm of the unknown.

Watch The Cabin in the Woods online longer trailer is released now. It has cost, I I assure you. As I said a few days ago, when we published the poster, drawn by MGM financial problems stopped the premiere of the movie in 2009. By way of anecdote, was the second film directed by architect Chris Hemsworth (Thor), which was kept in a drawer by the Metro: the other was the remake of 'Red Dawn', which has also finally (pff) release date.

Watch The Cabin in the Woods online, which will come to the U.S. in the spring of 2012, wants to be the film that offers the definitive return of nut to youth slasher. The result seems a mixture of 'Infernal possession' and one of Richard Kelly. Perhaps, that Yes, the trailer remove you suspense film, that on this occasion, the threat appears to be much more typical of these times of 'Big brother' to a malevolent entity, or a simple disturbed with an axe. And you warned that you must see it to believe it, that Yes. However, if something doesn't lack Joss Whedon (or Drew Goddard, director and screenwriter of the great 'Monstruoso'), is a sense of humor and ability to surprise the public with all the resources at its controls… the hard and the easy.

In Watch The Cabin in the Woods online, Joss Whedon, the television guru behind Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse… is responsible for producing and writing. Whedon, admittedly, is now busier in post-production of the Avengers, one of the great titles of the next summer. And that the writer had not only devoted to film and television, but also to the elaboration of Marvel Comics.

In Watch The Cabin in the Woods online a group of young people are going to spend a few days in a hut in the cold Woods. By the way there is the classic warning of a redneck, marijuana, or the provocative dances.

What you get? Well, seeing the trailer its Distributor, Lionsgate, which has published since then are to something different, although we don't know very well from where you pull these differences, the two edited minutes are a puzzle of cosmic dimensions, where have shown us all the pieces of tape, leaving only more questions to the issues that we set to read the terse and published synopsis. Again, ask the trailers editors that they relax, when a film based part of its strength on the surprise and mystery, this type of trailers reveal too. It is not that we know explicitly where you going to go the shots, but the astonishment of the viewer will see milled since becoming too many specific scenes from the movie. SPOILER was necessary to show that there is a kind of conspiracy in the shadows who manipulates the House and your guests for your convenience? The trailers should not be abstracts of the film they represent, as much that has fans eager to even the smallest detail. For full story watch The Cabin in the Woods in cinemas or on internet streaming sites.

In any case, the curious paints film - controversial, given that to generate so many expectations, it will be a disappointment for more than one-, well made and with a loose budget that should be allowed to narrate all what its director fermented in mind. In addition, its young cast is a joy to the eye, in addition to a safe value due to the long experience of the same: Jesse Williamns (Grey Anatomy), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Amy Acker (Angel)...

A blockbuster in all rules - still for the canons of the terrifying genre - which promises to cause sensation in the premeditated, his release date: Friday 13 April 2012. One that is old dog always looks with suspicion to last within the horror cite "revolution", but I am not going to deny that the experience (best and worst) stories of its leaders guarantee to the project, in fact Monstruoso Yes meant some evolution in the film narrative, we could say that he began fashion, although not her create, of the "documentaries", "found footage" and other herbs. In short, stay tuned because we will witness the greatest disappointment of our lives... or the pitch of the 2012 will have tastes for everything, sure! After this detailed review you should watch The Cabin in the Woods free online without download or survey.