Watch The Cabin in the Woods Trailer

The mean average nerd glories every time he hears the name of Joss Whedon. Which is why? Now, this man one day has written the screenplay for alien - the rebirth (1997) celebrated a great TV success as a creator of Buffy - the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) and finally ascended with the far too early Gecancelt series Firefly (2002-2003) to fanboy heaven. Apart from its author activities he worked, this time and again as a Director so how in the movie serenity (2005), which continued the plot of Firefly. 2012 it is probably with the superheroes the Avengers mega project finally break through the barrier of the big budget genre film and achieve a higher degree of knowledge.

Joss Whedon called watch The Cabin in the Woods trailer is also properly campaigned for horror film, who soon finds its way on the cinema screens. Director leads Drew Goddard (of so far various episodes of Buffy, alias and lost staged), but Mr. Whedon as a producer and has authored with the screenplay. Chris Hemsworth, which so far is (2011) known to us primarily as Thor, plays a major role. The rest of the casts are young and unspent (and thus less well known). So here is the trailer, which reveals quite by the action watch The Cabin in the Woods trailer below

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