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Perhaps it was because Joss Whedon is currently filming "The Avengers" or may also be because the protagonist of Stream The Cabin in the Woods online is Chris Hemsworth, Thor alias, but the film had long shot and so far has not found the distribution called for from the beginning, according to reports from Deadline.

In principle, it was planned that the film, directed by Drew Goddard, who also signed the script with Joss Whedon, reached theaters around the world in the middle of last year, although the shooting concluded the previous year. However the delicate economic situation which was MGM, producer of the film, forced them to cancel its release for not having enough budgets, so the tape was relegated to a warehouse until someone decided to finance its distribution.

Now, thanks to Lionsgate, it seems that we will be able enjoy the film although the date is still to be determined. Not many details of the history have known, put that until relatively recently the industry not had become interested by it and it could have been forgotten, but some define it as a return of the screw of the horror genre. Obviously this is not more than pure promotion, which cannot guess the real quality of the film, or what this round of nut from which both boast. What does seem is that it will be a play very similar to many others in its genre as "Evil Dead", where a group of friends become isolated in a house in the middle of the forest and how manage to survive everything that happens in it. We don't know if malignant entities will be ghosts, demonic spirits or vampires. If you are a fan of horror movies then stream The Cabin in the Woods online in April.

For now all we have are the promotional posters that were used last year when the film was to be released. They are fairly simple since the image is always the same: the typical log cabin surrounded by trees. However sentences we can see in each one of them demonstrate that the film a touch of black humor very far from most of the horror films. It seems that Whedon and Goddard wanted to make a film completely in the style of Sam Raimi, with scenes of horror, but always with a few touches of humor. Will have gone them well? If someday he comes to release the film, we will know and don’t forget to stream The Cabin in the Woods online.

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