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Occasionally hear about a particular title and not give it much importance; whether by gender, by the names involved in the project or simple lack of interest. The thing is different when, despite all this, you see the promotional trailer and leave you intrigued. Something like this happened to me with Watch The Cabin in the Woods free online.

MGM has shot and canned this movie already for a long time. After a lot of crisis Liongate studio will now release the movie and you will be able to Watch The Cabin in the Woods free in April. The agreement was announced in early may, however, only and starts advertising campaign for its premiere in April 2012. Just today received its first promotional poster, an original image that also allows our imagination fly. With the trailer have a better idea of where this goes.

Watch The Cabin in the Woods free, co-written by Joss Whedon and directed by Drew Goddard (Opera prima), tells the story of a group of friends will retreat to a cabin in the forest. And you will say, well, how original… reach a hut and suddenly begin to die one by one. Yes, something of the sort. On this occasion is just something that we have not seen before... He says the same promotional.

Do original? Personally, I think a case of the same cat but tumbled, as they say. In essence, the trailer reminds me Cabin Fever (2002), Eli Roth, with some minor touches of My Little Eye (2002), Marc Evans. We have so many stereotypes jumping here: the youth group, trying to have a good time; typical that they do not know well how to reach their destination and approaching the first petrol station are; directions coming from a man whose appearance leaves much to be desired; There is a warning, which overlook; There are boys and girls attractive, other not so much that possibly last longer with life. How different is this strange energy field, or something like that, which destroys everything it touches. We are also seeing big brother-style cameras. What will happen on this site?

Meanwhile (like visual appeal for girls) is a Chris Hemsworth, pre-Thor, the doctor Avery of Grey's Anatomy (Jesse Williams) and others that we have probably seen in smaller films, but now not locate. Watch The Cabin in the Woods online free debuts on Friday 13 April 2012. Not that very original?

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